About Us

Hi, I'm Andreanna (Dre)

Project AcademyĀ Founder

After 10 years of working for several top tech companies, I decided to use my skills and business knowledge to guide others into the tech industry.

My career journey began as an Executive Assistance, but I quickly transitioned into the dynamic role of a Scrum Master. This pivotal move propelled my tech career to new heights, and within a few years, I proudly assumed the position of a Senior Program Manager at a prestigious Fortune 500 company.

Throughout my professional growth, I diligently pursued various certifications that played a vital role in shaping my career trajectory. These certifications include the esteemed CSM, PSM I, II, III, PMP, and AWS-CFL, which all contributed significantly to my success.

As your instructor, I aspire to be more than just another face in the crowd. I genuinely hope to serve as your dedicated coach and mentor, guiding you towards achieving your own career aspirations


Why Project Academy?


ChoosingĀ Project AcademyĀ as your training provider offers a unique opportunity to learn from someone who has not only excelled in the tech industry but has also successfully transitioned from a non-technical role to a highly sought-after position.

Here's why you should consider our company for your training needs:

  1. Extensive Industry Experience
  2. Career Transformation
  3. Relevant Certifications
  4. Personalized Coaching and Mentorship
  5. Empowering Others